Easeus Partition Master 12.5

The latest release, Easeus Partition Master 12.5 free edition is now available for download. This update brings better dynamic disks manage, and adds the ability to partitioning on large capacity hard disks of any sizes. This update also improved disk cloning process to get it done faster and more.

Easeus Partition Master free edition is a free All-In-One partition solution and disk management utility, as Partition Magic alternative. EASEUS Partition Master allows you to extend partition (especially for system drive), manage disk space easily, settle low disk space problem on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 both 32 bit or 64 bit System.

The most popular hard disk management functions are brought together with powerful data protection including: Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard & Partition Recovery Wizard (The free edition can recover files with sizes of up to 1 GB)

Easeus Partition Master is compatible with Windows Operating System based on GPT drive and UEFI/EFI boot, especially for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

Key Features:
Here are key features of Easeus Partition Master:

Partition Manager
Best solution to create, delete, resize/move, merge, split partitions, etc. to make better use of hard drive capacity.
  • Resize/Move partitions with data loss, like extending NTFS system partition without reboot to maximize PC performance.
  • Safely merge two adjacent partitions into a bigger one without data loss.
  • Convert dynamic disk to basic disk and convert FAT to NTFS file system.
  • Convert primary partition to logical partition and vice versa: convert a primary volume to logical to create a fifth volume on a disk with 4 existed primary volumes.
  • Wipe disk or wipe partition to permanently wipe sensitive data on disk.
  • Support up to 8TB partition on MBR disk and 16TB partition on GPT disk.

Disk & Partition Copy Wizard
Easily clone disk and volumes for data protection or disk upgrade, no Windows system reinstallation required.
  • Copy partition with fast file-by-file copy to protect your data.
  • Copy entire hard disk to another or migrate OS to SSD without Windows reinstallation.
  • Upgrade system disk to a bigger one with one-click.
  • Support GPT disk/partition copy.
  • Provide option to shut down the computer after applying any operation. This function is especially useful when you copy the disk which contains the operating system.

Partition Recovery Wizard
Designed to recover deleted or lost partitions on unallocated space.
  • Partition Recovery Wizard allows you to recover deleted or lost partitions from unallocated space due to hardware or software failure, virus attack or hard drive repartitioned.
  • Two recovery modes in Partition Recovery Wizard: Automatic recovery mode is easy to use and requires minimal effort; Manual recovery mode gives you full control of the recovery process.
  • Support FAT, NTFS, EXT2 & EXT3 partition recovery.

Download Easeus Partition Master 12.5 Free Edition
For a full description of the new features and improvements, system requirements, and the download links, see: Download Download Easeus Partition Master

Note: Easeus Partition Master Free Edition is free for home users.

What's new in Easeus Partition Master 12.5 Free Edition:
This release contains the following updates:
  • Manage dynamic disks better – resize, format, move dynamic volumes and convert basic disk into dynamic.
  • Disk partitioning on large capacity hard disks of any sizes.
  • Simplify disk cloning process to get it done faster.
  • Make target disk same as the original one after cloning and solve bootable issue.
  • Improved: Reduce the size of installation package.
  • Improved:Optimize the resize and other functions to avoid some operations needs rebooting to execute.
  • Bug fix: Deleted dynamic volume would reappear after refresh in WinPE bootable disk environment.

New features in Easeus Partition Master 12.5:
  • Support creating volumes on dynamic disk. (Not available in Free Edition)
  • Minor update for the product UI.
  • Support Danish and Traditional Chinese.
  • Support the 4KB sector disk better.
  • Change the disk number to the same as in the system.
  • Bug fix: After converting the disk, there is missing/offline disk left in Windows Disk Management.
  • Bug fix: Partition lost or system failed to boot after converting or resize disk.
  • Bug fix: Pending operation cannot execute after rebooting.
  • Bug fix: System cannot boot from the cloned drive.
  • Bug fix: GPT disk cannot be convert to MBR in some cases.

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