How to perform a clean installation of Windows 10 Enterprise: Step-by-Step Tutorial with Screenshots

This article I will show you a step-by-step tutorial of how to clean install Windows 10 Enterprise with local account on your computer. This article will focus on the installation of Windows 10 Enterprise on Hyper-V's Virtual Machine.

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Step 1: Boot Hyper-V Virtual Machine (VM) with the Windows 10 Enterprise installation media then press any key to force your VM to boot from either the DVD, a flash drive or ISO image with the Windows 10 Enterprise installation files on it. Windows 10 will start to boot up and you will get the splash screen with a rotating progress bar.

Figure 1

Step 2: Once past through the initial splash screen, select the Language to install, Time and currency format and Keyboard or input method and click Next.

Figure 2

Step 3: In this screen of the installation wizard, click "Install Now" button to begin Windows 10 Enterprise setup

Figure 3

Setup is starting window will appear.

Figure 4

Step 4: Next, accept the license terms and click on "Next" button.

Figure 5

Step 5: In this screen of the installation wizard, choose the type of installation you want. Since you are doing a clean install you need to click on custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

Figure 6

Step 6: The next setup step is to pick the installation partition. Since this computer has a new hard disk that hasn't been formatted before, you will only have the option to create a new partition on it. If you don't want to specify a specific partition to install Windows on, or create partitions on your hard disk, click Next to begin the installation.

Figure 7

Step 7: The setup process will now begin to copy files from the installation media to the hard disk. This step of installing Windows 10 will take some time. And during the steps shown on this screen the computer will reboot a few times.

Figure 8

Step 8: When all the necessary files are copied Windows 10 Technical Preview will automatically restart as shown.

Figure 9

Step 9: You will go through various progress bar and information messages. Windows might restart automatically second time.

Figure 10

Step 10: In the Get going fast screen, you can choose express settings or choose customize. This demo choose "Use express settings".

Figure 11

Step 11: In the Choose how you'll connect screen, click "Join a domain" then click Continue.

Figure 12

Step 12: In the Create an account for this PC screen, You'll see is the prompt to set the User name and Password. You'll be asked for a password hint as well. Set the password for the user account and click Next.

Figure 13

Step 13: At this stage Windows starts to finalize your settings. You will get the following information screen as the installation moves forward.

Figure 14

Step 14: Finally the setup process is finished Windows 10 will finalize the settings and your desktop will appear.

Figure 15

The system properties of Windows 10 Enterprise is shown in Figure 16.

Figure 16

Microsoft: Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool

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